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Three Incredible Spas to Visit in the Carribean

Steven Armus

Environmental biologist and owner of Native Prairie Restoration in Franksville, Wisconsin, Steven Armus continues to build on his diverse experience in horticulture development and environmental protection to remediate ponds and prairies for homes and businesses. In the past, Steven Armus was a spa owner and found his inspiration in many of the breathtaking spas dotting the Caribbean. For those seeking indescribable relaxation, here are three spas that shouldn't be missed.

1. Shambhala, Turks and Caicos. Located at Parrot Cay in Northern Turks and Caicos, this luxury spa has therapists hand-picked by the owner herself, offering healing for every part of the body and mind. With Indian head massages, Thai massages, and soaking tubs made of Japanese cedar, the tranquility experienced is truly global.

2. La Prairie Spa, Grand Cayman. Nothing says luxurious like the Ritz-Carlton. This posh hotel houses the La Prairie Spa, welcoming guests into a shimmering silver world of excess, including skin polishing with diamond and pearl particles. If that isn't enough, enjoy an anti-aging facial with gold-infused skin cream.
3. Six Senses Spa, Punta Cana. On the eastern shore of the Dominican Republic, this unique spa truly offers something for everyone, with over 50 treatments on its extensive menu. Visitors can immerse themselves in black clay or lose themselves in a massage utilizing locally harvested coconut oil.

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