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The Causes and Symptoms of the Skin Condition Psoriasis

Steven Armus

A physician with Dermatology Consultants of Wisconsin, Dr. Steven Armus was responsible for creating a pioneering skin cancer treatment center that also offered post-treatment cosmetic surgery. Dr. Steven Armus has a wide range of knowledge about conditions of the skin, from acne to psoriasis.

Immune-mediated, psoriasis typically involves the appearance of scaly raised patches on the knees, elbows, or scalp. Itchy, red, and burning, the condition has links to other conditions, including heart disease, diabetes, and depression. With the exact case of psoriasis unknown, it appears to be related to a combination of genetics and immune system factors. When triggered, the skin cells grow with abnormal speed, which results in a psoriasis lesion buildup.
Not contagious or infectious, psoriasis lesions span five major types, including guttate, which takes the form of dot-like lesions and often appears in childhood following strep throat. Pustular psoriasis most commonly inhabits the feet and hands and involves the development of white blisters. The most common type of the disease is plaque psoriasis, which involves raised patches that have a buildup of silvery white dead skin cells. This form is often painful, as it can bleed and crack.
Treatments for psoriasis range from topical moisturizers, shampoos, and prescriptions creams to systemic biologic medications. In addition, phototherapy using light may be employed to alleviate symptoms.

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