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Ponds - An Important Bellwether of Overall Prairie Health

Steven Armus

The owner of Dermatology Consultants of Wisconsin LLC, Dr. Steven Armus also leads Native Prairie Restoration. Focused on the area around Franksville, Dr. Steven Armus undertakes prairie restoration and horticulture activities that encourage sustainability.

One of the vital parts of the prairie ecosystem is the pond, which acts as a bellwether of the overall health of the surrounding land. This is due to the fact that whatever flows into the pond determines what will grow in and around it. In cases where erosion and stripped verdure is a major issue, the pond can quickly fill in with soil that has a major negative impact on animals living in the water.

Not only do fish require approximately 8 feet of water to survive the Wisconsin winter ice, but too much soil coming in will bring an influx of nitrogen and phosphorous. Both lead to algae blooms that result in health issues for the animals and humans that rely on the pond. With contaminated water an increasing concern in overworked prairie ecosystems, conservation of ponds is a top priority.

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