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Dermatological Conditions - Scleroderma

Steven Armus

Before establishing himself in medicine, Dr. Steven Armus earned an M.D. from the University of Wisconsin - Madison. Dr. Steven Armus, an experienced dermatologist, treats patients with skin conditions like scleroderma through his Franksville, Wisconsin, private practice.

Scleroderma is a condition characterized by skin hardening and tightening, which occurs as a result of collagen overproduction in the body. Though it is usually associated with the skin, scleroderma can impact non-skin tissues like the muscle and kidneys, which may also undergo hardening.

In some patients with scleroderma, the condition affects only a portion of the skin, while in other patients the condition affects the skin generally. Doctors have yet to discover a cure for scleroderma, but there are effective treatments to manage symptoms.
For instance, doctors may prescribe drugs to reduce inflammation and improve blood flow. Moreover, care providers may suggest occupational and/or physical therapy in addition to lifestyle measures, like exercising regularly, to improve overall health.

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